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why big yellow house? March 10, 2010

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Because last April, I bought a Big Yellow House, all by my little onesies. It’s got 4 bedrooms, a full basement and attic, and a bath and a half, and already it feels cramped. Right now it’s me, my boyfriend Nate, my sister Alix (she has a weekend job in my town, but she lives 3 hours away during the week), a hamster named PeePee, a boa named Julie, 11 black milksnakes (Sonny, Cher, and their offspring, most of whom are unnamed and for sale), an Ecuadorian milksnake named Guillermo, a Sinaloan milksnake named Columbia, and a blue spotted salamander named Mr Blue. We like our pets in cages.

I had hoped to start a blog from the beginning, to document what projects we’ve done around the house and what projects remained, but it was a rough start. Let’s see if things go better from here on out, right?


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