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The benefit (or peril?) of wearing jeans you haven’t fit into in 3 years July 17, 2010

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Scene: just after changing my clothes and looking in the mirror, daring to ask that question that no woman should ask a man who lives with her:

Me: “Do I look okay?”

Him: “Yeah, honey, you look great!”

Me: “Are you sure? I don’t know, I feel like I’m …”

Him: “A little skanky?”

Me: “Yeah! That’s the word.”

Him: “That’s what makes it great, baby.”

So I guess things are fine in that regard.

I haven’t spent much time working on the house. Spent a lot of time these last few months trying to focus on our relationship. Any progress we *have* made on the house hasn’t been documented, since we don’t have time to blog+work+love+potty. I’m still not even sure how the folks over to Young House Love did it, before they made blogging their full-time jobs. I’m not even popular, I don’t even have any readers to respond to or feel obligated to.

I’m going to try to get better. If anything, I need to experience. English might be my only language spoken, but it’s getting rusty and folksy and I’m not exactly proud of it. See above, re: “over to”.

For starters, I bought this book the other day at Bullmoose (tangent: if you’re in the Bangor area and you haven’t stopped and checked out Bullmoose’s Bangor location’s book section, you are really missing out. It is currently my favorite bookstore in all the town.). I plan on making something out of it, and I plan on blogging the entire project. It might be boring, it might be a disaster, but it’s a project, and you guys are getting it play-by-play. I hope that by forcing myself to document one thing, it becomes a habit and I do it more often.

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What looks like a neat project to make?