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Step 1: Make a list March 4, 2012

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There’s a bedroom in my house that, when I bought it, I thought would make a good crafting room, but the longer I’ve been here, the more it’s turned into place to dump crap I hardly use (but haven’t brought up to the attic) or never use (and haven’t brought to the dump). And what the room really ought to be is a bedroom. There’s one tiny closet in there, but if we took that out and put in a closet on a different wall (the wall that has the door on it), the closet would be big enough for two people to use and a bed would fit in the room on a more logical wall.

There are a couple broken outlets, and there’s a junction box sitting off-center near the top of the wall I’d like to put the closet on, so turning this into a bedroom I’d actually like to use will mean some DIY projects and some projects will need to be done by trained professionals.

Here’s my list so far of what needs to be done:

  1. Sort the crap that’s in there: trash it, donate it, or put it in the attic.
  2. Tear out the old closet. This will probably end up damaging the wall behind it and the ceiling above it, so we may have some plaster/drywall that needs repairing.
  3. Update the electrical. This is something I don’t feel comfortable doing myself.
  4. Build the new closet. This is something I could — at least in theory — do myself. I might get a few quotes for it, however, and see if it would be worth the headache. I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to doing things, but once they’re finished I like them to be at least superficially perfect, so I would probably end up happier if I did source this out.
  5. Take down the crown molding in the room. It’s gross, saggy, and with a new shape to the room it will just be easier to replace it all. It’s also not very expensive to buy new crown molding.
  6. Repaint the room and ceiling.
  7. Install new crown molding.
  8. Install carpet (from what I’ve read, this definitely sounds like a job for professionals, but maybe I can cut costs by buying carpet at Marden’s? I must admit that salvage carpet scares me a little).
  9. Bring in new furniture. What we’ll need:
  • Curtains
  • A bed (we have a frame, but I’d like at least a headboard, perhaps a base with drawers in it)
  • A dresser (there will still only be room for one dresser in this room, so even if we don’t get a storage bed, we’ll need something. Preferably something low and wide.)
  • A nightstand or two
  • A chair for reading/nursing

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have a baby in this room (though I’m not pregnant yet), so I’d like to keep enough room to make this possible:

Is there anything I’m forgetting? Is there a better order I should be doing this in? We have huge steam radiators in our house, so I’m not sure what will happen to the carpet underneath them. Is it possible to carpet under them, or should I try to make the wood look nice and create some sort of transition there? Also, I’d like to put in a ceiling fan, so would that go with the electrical updates? There are currently no fixtures in the ceiling.